Tri Table


February 2009

Lead Designer

Workflow: Sketchup | Vray | CS4
Dimensions: 18”H x18W” x 18L”
Project Cost: TBD

This end table design took as its starting geometry the isosceles triangle, and then reiterated it across  two flat surfaces, randomly reorienting each geometry at each instance.  The triangles were then folded away from the imaginary square bounding box into the center of the form.  The inverse was done for the center form; the geometries were folded outward.  The resulting effect is that of a complex of dense and interwoven triangles, porous enough to keep it light, yet dense enough to retain its structural integrity.  The table is made from cold-rolled 1/16” steel sheets, press cut and folded by hand.  The resulting corner attachments would be spot-welded from the interior, the entire table then powder-coated to finish.  A tempered glass top, positionable at every side, completes the table. The table measures 18”H x18W” x 18L”.