Mixed-Use Case Study


Chicago, Illinois
September 2012

Lead Designer
Project Size: 12,000 sq.ft.
Project Cost: TBD

As a case study in mixed-use and mixed-dwelling, this concept took as its starting point two premises; 1.Provide dwelling units that range from studio to 3-bedroom units. 2.Provide as much light and landscape to each of those units as possible.

The design materialized by stacking the unit types one on top of the other according to mass and then placing a garden roof deck behind each unit. Loading the units to the front and corner results in a long sloped back elevation, along with the second means of egress is placed. On the corner of the building a 1,200 sq.ft. commercial space is placed to best capture vehicular attention. A two-story parking garage is located below the structure. The massing of the units are bisected by a vertical stair tower that helps contextualize the mass of the building with a standard city lot.