Table Carved


February 2009

Lead Designer
Project Size: 12,000 sq.ft.
Project Dimensions: 30″x66″x18″

Caesarstone | DWELL Table Competition Finalist

This coffee table sought to reverse Caesarstone’s typical application as a purely orthogonal surface, into dramatically more organic forms with large interstitial spaces.  These forms, however, all happen within the context of a classical rectangular form.  The organic forms are achieved by layering 20, ¾” thick levels on top of each other, with programmatic cuts made to their dimension before assembly.  The table still allows for storage at its base by stopping the curving shapes short of the bottom two levels.  As an object, the table would best be seen as a monolithic mass of a single-colored material, carved and sculpted like natural live rock.  The images show the table in ‘Ruby Reflections,’ though any single colored Caesarstone could be used.  The table measures; 30”W x 66”L x 18”H.